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structured and customer-focused

How Does the Placement Process at DGTS Work?

Efficiency and Precision in the Placement Process: At Davis Groupe Technical Services, we have developed a structured and customer-focused approach to ensure that you get exactly the personnel you need. Our process is designed to meet your requirements quickly and effectively. Here’s an overview of how we work:

Customer Request

The customer submits a request for individual personnel or teams.

Request Review

We compare the request with our resource database to find the best candidates.

Quotation and Agreement

We provide a quote to the customer and prepare an agreement.

Order Confirmation

The customer initiates the Purchase Order (PO) and signs the agreement, or we find common ground in our agreement.


The selected personnel or team is scheduled and starts working on-site.

Better Than the Rest

What Sets Us Apart from Standard Agencies?

Project-Based Personnel Provision

For projects, we provide at least 10 people for a minimum of 12 months.
a. We set up a site close to the customer.
b. We manage our employees for the customer.

Use of Planio Software

a. Initiating work orders for all activities on-site.
b. Daily tracking of all activities (customers have access).
c. Setting up project plans and milestones.
d. Initiating and tracking tickets for other employees or contractors.

Change Management Tool

a. Tracking changes in the project and presenting all scope changes or interruptions to our customers.
b. This gives our customers an additional edge, not only with our low rates but also on a technical level.

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