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Let’s drive your projects to success together. Contact us now to find the right professional staff for your needs in project management, maintenance, and production. At DGTS, we combine expertise with efficiency to achieve your goals.

Welcome to DGTS

At Davis Groupe Technical Services, we are more than just a staffing agency: We understand the complexities of your projects and needs in your industry and offer tailored resource solutions to execute them successfully. Whether you need specialized installation-, Production handling-, Maintenance personnel or skilled engineers, we ensure that you get the right team for your needs. Discover how our expertise and dedicated Human Capital Management can lead your project to success.


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Our strengths at a glance

With our highly competitive prices and a team of exceptionally qualified professionals, we not only drive success for our clients but also cultivate a culture of satisfaction and achievement among our employees. Elevate your business with our winning combination of expertise and affordability – where success meets contentment!”

Long-standing Expertise and Comprehensive Services

DGTS has a track record of success in providing technical teams in maintenance, production, engineering, project management and technical staffing. Our comprehensive approach includes not just personnel leasing but also complete project management.

Qualified and Flexible Personnel

DGTS stands out for providing highly qualified personnel and adapting flexibly to the size and duration of projects, including setting up local operations for extensive projects.

Technological Competence and Compliance

By using advanced management tools and adhering to industry standards and legal requirements across various states, DGTS demonstrates its technological leadership and commitment to compliance.

Customer Orientation and Change Management

DGTS places a high value on customer satisfaction and tailored solutions. Our ability to support clients in change management shows their commitment to comprehensive project support.

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